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AgroCAD is the most powerful desktop software for paddock operations planning and auto steering machinery configuration.

Any land extension. Any number of tractors. Any crop type.

Land profile counts

AgroCAD truly values the profile of your land as a critical element in paddock planning and auto steering configuration.

It provides all necessary tools to enable updated terrain models and contour lines to be imported as part of a project. These models can be originated from classic land survey, drone data or even from tracks recorded by the GPS mounted on your vehicles.

If updated terrain models are not available, AgroCAD can use terrain data from Google, helping you to simulate tillage and harvesting scenarios even before the land is ready for being cultivated.

Optimised AB lines for your paddocks

AgroCAD quickly analyses the terrain profile of paddocks and highlights the best possible AB line alternatives. This enables you to elect the best scenario in terms of average row length, minimum number of machinery turns and maximum slope variation.

Corresponding AB lines are easily extracted and exported in a format that is compatible with your preferred auto steering system. Other paddock planning elements can be added to the project, such as spacing between lines, headland areas (turnrows), traffic-only and exclusion zones (where no traffic is expected at all).

AgroCAD manages all those inputs and produce the best guidance configuration for your auto steering vehicles.

Adaptive curves made easy

Straight AB lines might not always be the best reference for machinery guidance, especially on rough surfaces.

AgroCAD gives you the opportunity to explore critical terrain features for tillage and harvesting on complex paddocks, such as contour lines, embankments, terraces and drainage channels. Adaptive curve strategy ensures more crop rows being planned on the same paddock, while minimising erosion, overlapping and crop trampling risks.

When using adaptive curves, internal corridors are important to improve machinery traffic within crops. They also provide orientation and simplify the transition between different row bearings. AgroCAD acknowledges that and can automatically insert internal corridors in a paddock project when required. See the short video on the right.

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Match machinery specification

Every tractor and combine harvester has its own capabilities and limitations.

AgroCAD acknowledges that by accepting machinery specification inputs, such as vehicle axle widths and maximum supported turning and slope angles. Thorough validation tools ensure the resulting adaptive curves will be suitable to your equipment.

Variable rate application workflows

First use AgroCAD to define optimised sampling positions across your land. Then export their geographic coordinates to handheld GPS units and navigate to each location.

Once lab analysis and chemical prescriptions are made available, use AgroCAD to create a variable rate prescription map, and export it to be used in variable rate implements.

Productivity is the key

AgroCAD truly stands out when planning auto steering operations for complex or multiple paddocks.

Common tractor guidance apps require driving a vehicle around your fields, to record boundaries and define reference AB lines. While that is viable for a limited number of small paddocks, large-scale farming operations would struggle to succeed when using such solutions. 

AgroCAD imports georeferenced boundaries of any number of paddocks, wherever they are located, and enables field operations planning for an individual or a combination of paddocks.

This saves not only time and fuel, but also avoids unnecessary soil compaction. And, best of all, the work can be done from the comfort of your office.

Bridging the CTF monitoring gap

Controlled Traffic Farming results in a range of benefits in terms of cost reduction and yield increase. However, implementing it might be challenging when limited monitoring capabilities are available.

AgroCAD is Controlled Traffic Farming (CTF) ready. By importing field data collected by the GPS unit on your tractors and combines, AgroCAD can analyse the difference between planned versus executed tracks and provide an indication of how successful your CTF implementation is. It also highlights areas in which the deviation was higher, creating further investigation opportunities.

Get the most out of your investment

AgroCAD exports guidance configuration to all mainstream auto steering systems

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Other AgroCAD features

Paddock Planning

Easily break land parcels into different paddocks. Label each paddock. Plan traffic corridors that are suitable to your machinery specification. Export boundaries to Google Earth and other GIS software.

Explore Different Scenarios

Test different possibilities for your land preparation and compare expected results, such as fuel consumption, number of turns, and total length of AB lines or adaptive curves. Make decisions based on data.

Water Drainage Simulation

AgroCAD uses best-in-class drainage simulation algorithms to spot areas susceptible to waterlogging across your paddocks.

Critical operation spots

AgroCAD simulates your operation and highlights where vehicles and implements will probably require fuel and chemical replenishment. This provides an opportunity to improve field performance.

Check for crop trampling

Identify and quantify potential trampling on paddock operation by cross-validating GPS field data, machinery specification and crop row spacing.

Thematic Maps

Monitor productivity and resource usage by inspecting field collected data on thematic maps. Visually identify yield improvement and cost reduction opportunities.

Flexible subscription plans

Each subscription plan includes unrestricted access to all AgroCAD features


1 Month

Ideal for short projects or when small updates are required on existing auto steering configuration projects.


1 Year

Enjoy a discounted price and get access to  AgroCAD benefits throughout a whole season.


3 Years

Ensure long-term precision for your farming operation.

(*) AgroCAD uses a floating license model. That allows for one simultaneous activation of each subscription on any computer where the software is installed.

(**) AgroCAD requires AutoCAD Civil 3D and Windows 10 Pro, Windows 8 Pro or Windows 7 Pro (64 bits).

Support and training

Farm Doctors is the authorised AgroCAD software distributor and training organisation in Australia. We provide AgroCAD technical support to our customers, as well as periodic training sessions to welcome new users and update existing ones on newly released functionality. Please contact us for more details.