The complete digital agronomy solution

Identify, analyse and treat early signs of crop threats to make informed decisions, lower costs and maximise yield.

Available this season through Farm Doctors

This is how precise crop insights get with Taranis

Automated scouting technology delivers real time insights at leaf-resolution. Taranis enables farmers to make informed decisions by detecting early symptoms of weeds, uneven emergence, nutrient deficiencies, disease or insects, water damage and machinery problems.

Taranis features AgroBrain, the most comprehensive crop threat knowledge base makes the identification of your crop issues precise.

All insights are delivered to you through a comprehensive platform, with clear indications of severity levels and sample images directly from the field.

Identify the root cause for your crop loss

Crop Emergence

Early detection of uneven emergence will enable timely replanting so the season doesn’t start off on the wrong foot.

Nutrient Deficiency

With automated field scouting, you can detect the slightest sign of nutrient deficiency to warrant you of your field conditions.


Use Taranis’ comprehensive weeds knowledge base to identify and eliminate weeds at critical stages.

Taranis Insect Detection


With Taranis submillimetre resolution imagery, spot the first signs of harmful insects before they take over your field.


Early detection and identification of lesions, spots or abnormal crop behaviour will save time and money on treatment.

Tassel Count

Generate accurate yield estimations for corn to streamline your field operations for harvesting and beyond.


Manage all your fields in a single smart platform – imagery, analysis, insights, reports and cross field comparisons.

Variable Rate Prescriptions

Be precise in your farm spraying with variable rate zones – plan, quantify and export prescriptions.


The most comprehensive crop threat knowledge base makes the identification of your crop issues precise.


AI2 Technology

0.3mm/pixel resolution
Leaf level accuracy
Up to 120mph / 200km/h
Scouting >7000 hectares/day

UHR Technology

8cm/pixel resolution

Satellite Images

1.2m/pixel resolution

Available this season through Farm Doctors